So…I got bad at this!

So I guess I did a really bad job at keeping this blog up to date which is disappointing as I really wanted to do well and keep it going to help others.

I guess the positive thing is that a sleeve isn’t just a temporary thing so hopefully I can get back into this and still help out someone.

It’s 1 year 3 months since I was sleeved and I have lost 85 kgs (187lbs).

I never imagined that it was possible to lose this much weight, even my surgeon didn’t expect me to get this much off this quickly which is great! I am still probably 15 kgs overweight, but I’m happy!

This is is just a quick post to say I’m alive and that I will be updating regularly so if you have any questions you want answered, send them my way!!


Cleaning out my closet


This weekend has been really productive for me. I spent some time organising and cleaning out my closet. I tried on all my clothes and donated everything that was too big now. I donated 3 huge garbage bags full of clothes. I also discovered a bunch of clothes that I have never worn because they were too small before. So good!

I had a great loss this week 2.9kg. It makes up for the average loss last week.

This afternoon I made soup from scratch. I’ve never made a soup before and it was delicious. It was packed with yummy vegetables and chicken. Very delicious. I have plenty for lunch this week and some dinners.

I haven’t been doing much boxing this week, I need to get back into it so I don’t lose any strength I gained. Hopefully this week the weather will be good and I can get motivated. I should start getting into work earlier so I can spend 30mins at the gym before I go home. Maybe I’ll start that from Tuesday. Let’s see.

In other good news my husband started to eat healthier this week and lost 3.9kg!!!! So proud of his first week.

Small loss

I weighed in on Saturday like usual and it was the first time I have lost less than a kilo since starting the pre op diet. I lost 700 grams (1lb 8oz) which is still good because it’s a loss but I did feel a bit disappointed.

I have read that small losses/stalls are common but I don’t really like it lol

I thought it might be because I started exercising last week to tone (muscle building)? Or because I was feeling a little bit better so was eating a little bit more. I don’t know…. I just know I hope I lost more next weigh in day.

On a positive note I got my new pair of jeans and I have gone from not fitting into a size 26 to fitting nicely into a size 22!! That’s amazing! When I started this, my sister asked me what size I would like to get to and I replied with ‘size 20’! I can’t believe I’m already so close. I might have to set myself a new clothes goal! lol

Overdue Update

So I have been completely rubbish at updating my blog since I had surgery. I had the collapsed lung which knocked me around a little bit and then I went back to work and since then time has been a complete blur. I also have to blame the lack of posts on the NBA play offs! I spend pretty much every minute I am home watching those. I apologise to my dear followers and promise I will do better with updates.

I guess since it’s been a while I should give an update on my progress. Since I was sleeved on the 18th of March I have lost 19.3kgs (42.55lbs). That brings my total weight loss to 33.6kgs (74 lbs). I am in a bit of shock about how quickly the weight started coming off after the surgery. It’s a surreal feeling losing so much with very little effort. I don’t feel like I would usually if I was dieting, so it’s really strange. If I was dieting before the surgery I would be angry, hungry, exhausted from working out, and just generally feel really stressed. I am losing weight and I don’t feel stressed at all! It’s great.

Not feeling hungry is very strange, but very good. I find I am not constantly thinking about food, and what I’ll have next. I can even sit on the couch after dinner and not eat anything at all before bed. That is a miracle for me.

Food wise I am now off the mushie/soft food stage and onto normal foods. I am finding knowing what to eat a bit of a struggle, but my body is pretty quick to tell me what it does it doesn’t want me to have. I haven’t thrown up at all yet, but when I eat something new sometimes I feel a bit sick afterwards and get that watery feeling in my mouth like I might throw up, but it then goes away. I know that I should wait a while before trying that food again. Most foods though are going down just fine, as long as I remember to chew well and eat slowly. Sometimes if I get very excited about something I’m about to eat then I’ll eat too quickly and get a bit of pain. I think I’ll get better at eating slowly with time.

Drinking is the struggle for me. The couple of weeks after surgery I was doing pretty well, getting my water in and drinking lots of fluids to keep me hydrated. At about 5-6 weeks after surgery I stopped being able to tolerate plain water and it felt like everything I tried to drink just made me feel sick. Tea was the only drink really making me feel good, and I was starting to get dehydrated. I kind of forced myself to keep trying different drinks, and now I am drinking either PowerAde Zero, pineapple juice, tea and Vitamin water. Vitamin water and tea are my favourites so I make sure I drink at least 1L per day. Still not where I should be but a huge improvement from where I was before. I’ll just keep plugging away in hope that I can build up to more liquids over the next couple of months.

Losing so much weight so quickly, I noticed my arms and legs starting to get a bit ‘flappy’ so this week I have started to exercise. I got myself a punching/boxing bag, some gloves, weights, and have set up a circuit in the back yard. I do the circuit with my mum for about 30mins and then we go for a 15 minute walk. We did it 4 times this week, and every muscle in my body hurts but I think that might be a good thing? All I know is I’m glad it’s Friday so I can have a rest tonight. Plus side of this is that I am sleeping so well. We’ll see if it makes a difference on the scales tomorrow. I am guessing I won’t see results in my arms/legs for a few more weeks.

I have just also started taking a bunch of vitamins. It was triggered because everyone at work started to get the cold/flu and after my collapsed lung I did not want to get sick. So I am now taking multivitamins, vitamin B12, vitamin D and fibre gummies each day. I didn’t catch the cold and they are helping me feel better. I know I should have been taking vitamins early on but I couldn’t stomach them. Now they go down well, and hopefully they help prevent things like hair loss that I’ve read others experience.

All of my clothes are getting too big, but thankfully I have a lot of clothes that got too small so I can make do for a while. The only thing I will need to buy is new jeans…. Again! Not a bad problem to have I suppose.

Two months out I am really happy that I went ahead and got sleeved. I feel so much better, I have more energy and I look great! Happy happy me! Excited about what the next few months will bring.

Going out to dinner – 1st time

Quick update to let you know that tonight I’ll be going out for dinner for the first time since I had surgery almost 4 weeks ago.

I am still on the mushies stage so it shall be interesting what I choose to eat.

I was thinking of not going but a restricted diet shouldn’t stop me from going out and enjoying time with my friends!

We are going to TGI Fridays, I’ve had a look at the menu but haven’t decided yet. I’ll let you know how it turned out tomorrow!

Lung still down…

Sooo as mentioned I went back to work last week and it was ok. I was super tired and ended up in bed before 8.30pm every night, but I think that was expected with the surgery and the collapsed lung.

Over the weekend my lung started to feel a lot better, I was breathing well and wasn’t getting out of breath very often at all. Then Monday and Tuesday happened. They were two of the most hectic days I have had at work in a longgggg time. By the end of Tuesday, I was feeling absolutely wrecked. My lung hurt just to move around and I was getting out of breath just talking.

I went to bed around 7.30pm Tuesday night and texted my boss to let him know I’d go to the doctors on Wednesday to get checked out and wouldn’t be in work.

On Wednesday I went to my GP and he examined me, and realised that I wasn’t getting any air into my left lung at all. When I had originally gone to the hospital, I was getting some air but now it had deflated completely. So he gave me some dissolvable anti inflammatory tablets, some antibiotics and some pain killers and told me to rest and do breathing exercises for the rest of the week. So I’ve been home since Wednesday, which has been good. Mostly because I am feeling a bit better, but also because it has been raining non stop all week!

Like usual I’ve been stressing out about work and all my projects, which I know is stupid when I have one lung that isn’t working properly. I’m trying my best to keep it out of my head and spend the rest of the week resting. Hopefully my lung will be pumping air before Monday! I feel like it is but I don’t know for sure. It’s definitely feeling better than it did last week.

On Wednesday I go back to the doctor and he will examine me again. Once he thinks my lung is pumping again then I’ll go for an X-ray to confirm and hopefully it’ll all be over and done with.

Other than the stupid lung and stressing myself out about work, I’m feeling good. I’ve been eating and drinking great and my tummy hardly hurts at all.

Weigh in day tomorrow and I’m excited to see what the scales will say!

Week 9 – Update

So I’m three weeks post op now and on the mushy food stage. This is what my daily food schedule is looking like.

Breakfast: 200ml Smoothie
Snack: 90grams low fat yoghurt
Lunch: 100-200 grams mashed vegetables or mashed baked beans
Snack: puréed fruit or just a cup of tea
Dinner: 100-200 grams mashed vegetables with puréed meat (generally chicken)

It’s weird to get full after a few spoons full of food. I am also trying super hard to get in all the water I need, and the multivitamins.

Although my lung is still causing my grief I am starting to feel pretty good. My wounds are healing really well, and my stomach is hardly hurting at all which is really great.

I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon and he was happy with my progress and the wounds. I don’t have to go back for 3 months now! Very happy about that! He also gave me some tips on how to be successful with the sleeve which I will try and post tomorrow.

Weight wise I am losing weight pretty quickly and it feels quite strange. Usually when I am trying to lose weight I am slogging it out exercising and struggling with diet food. Generally I just feel crap. It’s weird to be doing so well and not feeling tired/stressed/unhappy!!

Yesterday I had to buy a new pair of jeans, size 24 from target. At Christmas I couldn’t fit into a size 26 at target, so I was pretty impressed with that. The size 26 My Size jeans I have been wearing to work have been sliding down further and further each day. I was worried I would lose them completely and give everyone in the office a bit of a shock lol

I’ve updated my weight on my weight updates page if you’re interested.